This is the second restaurant in Emily's New Beginning.

Level 1Edit

  • Paige crawls to Snuggy during Emily cleaning the floor.
  • Patrick: Wow, Emily. You got back on your feet really fast...
  • Patrick: It's like you guys don't need me at all.
  • Emily: What? Nonsense!
  • Emily: Paige and I need you more than you can imagine...
  • Emily: But we know you have to work, so we do our best to manage without you...
  • Emily and Patrick gave a kiss. Paige crawls. Patrick leaves the patio.

After the levelEdit

  • Brigid and Antonio enter the patio.
  • Antonio: I'm glad my old oven is getting some action after all these years.
  • Emily: Yes, it's working like a charm!
  • Paige touches Brigid.
  • Brigid: Still here? This will be the last thing I say on the matter.
  • Brigid: But remember, you're going to have to chose between the restaurant and your child sooner or later.
  • Paige is laughing. Brigid and Antonio leave the patio.

Level 2Edit

  • Emily enters the patio.
  • Emily: Uhm, Uncle Antonio, what are you doing?
  • Antonio: It's so great to see you return to your roots.
  • Antonio: I thought I'd help out a little by cleaning up...
  • Antonio: I mean you've helped me out quite a lot over the years.
  • Emily: Doesn't Brigid need you at the spa?
  • Antonio: You have met Brigid, haven't you?
  • Antonio: She doesn't need anyone's help...
  • Antonio leaves the patio.

After the levelEdit