This is the 1st episode of Emily's True Love. After the farmhouse was sold, Edward gives money to Emily and Angela, for them.


  • Delicious Emily's True Love
  • Emily is so excited with Francois.
  • He opens the box for Emily.
  • Emily has got a golden ruby ring!

Chapter 1: The LetterEdit

Day 1Edit

  • Emily dreams about the heart ring.
  • Evelyn: Yoo-hooooo! Emily! We're down here, dear!
  • Emily stops dreaming. She heard Evelyn!
  • Emily: MOOOOM! Don't ruin my wedding!
  • Emily: Weddings... cake...
  • Emily: BREAKFAST!
  • Emily: Oh, my gosh! I overslept!
  • Emily runs downstairs.
  • The curtains raised up and Emily opens the door.
  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Evelyn and Edward enter the place.
  • Patrick: Good morning, Emily.
  • Emily: Morning, Patrick.
  • Edward places the pet on the floor, sat down and read the newspapers.
  • Patrick places flowers in each of the vases.
  • Evelyn: Emily! It's almost 8 a.m. and you just wake up?
  • Evelyn: What a way to run your own restaurant!
  • Evelyn goes to each table and cleans.
  • Emily: I guess I'm a little late this morning.
  • Emily: I'm sorry I had to cancel our date yesterday evening.
  • Patrick: It's ok, maybe next time.
  • Patrick: Oh, before I forget...
  • Patrick gives a rose to Emily.
  • Patrick: This one is for you.
  • Emily: Thank you, what a lovely rose.
  • Patrick: You're welcome. They were growing in my backyard, I just found them this morning.
  • Patrick: Funny how I, being a florist, never noticed them before.
  • Evelyn: You know, I've always said, 'Flowers are like people...
  • Evelyn: ... it's often the ones right under your nose that you fail to appreciate.'
  • Emily: Anyway...
  • Emily: I'll go over next week's order with you later?
  • Patrick: Oh... eh... talk to you then.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Evelyn: So, he gave you a rose huh?
  • Emily: Mom!
  • Emily places the rose.

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  • Evelyn leaves the place.


  • Evelyn enters the place.
  • Evelyn: Will you join us for a healthy home-cooked meal?
  • Emily: No thanks Mom, I can take care of myself.
  • Evelyn and Edward leaves the place.
  • Emily closes the doors. She takes a rose upstairs.
  • Emily wakes up at night.
  • She goes to the refrigerator to find the food.
  • Emily: Ugh... not pizza again.
  • Emily closes the refrigerator and goes into bed.
  • Emily turns on the TV.
  • Emily goes to sleep. Good night, Emily!

Day 2Edit

  • The next morning, Evelyn delivers the letters.
  • Evelyn: Edward! You're not going to believe this! Look!
  • Edward: Looks like a love letter.
  • Edward: Who's 'Jean Paul'?
  • Evelyn: Emily's summer romance from 16 years ago! Don't you remember?
  • Evelyn: She was so in love with him, I was worried she'd go back to Paris!
  • Edward: I thought that was Angela.
  • Evelyn: No, it was Emily.
  • Evelyn: Anyway, the post office delivered it just now! Can you imagine, 16 years late?
  • Edward: Don't even think about opening it Evelyn.
  • Evelyn: Oh, I knew you'd say that!
  • Evelyn gets the letters out of the place.
  • Emily goes downstairs.
  • Emily: Oh no, I forgot to clean up last night.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to clean up the place.


  • Evelyn goes to the place.
  • Evelyn: Goodnight, dear!
  • Emily: A-hem!
  • Evelyn: Oh! Silly me, I almost forgot. A letter came for you Emily.
  • Emily: It's been opened.
  • Evelyn: Oh! A prankster must have let a hamster loose inside our mailbox. I hear that happens.
  • Emily has the letter.
  • [{Evelyn Napoli|Evelyn]]: What is it? What? What?
  • Emily: It's Jean Paul! He did write me back after all!

Chapter 2: I'm Getting Married!Edit

Day 3Edit

  • Patrick enters the place.
  • Evelyn: So... how you had a chance to read that letter yet?
  • Emily: I'm working up to it, Mom. How about you?
  • Evelyn: I told you, I thought it was the electric bill!
  • Emily: So it wasn't a hamster then?
  • Emily: Eeek! A mouse!
  • [{Edward Napoli|Edward]]: Now that's what I call a good catch, Patrick.
  • Patrick: Not a problem at all.
  • Patrick: You know where to find me.
  • Patrick: I hate to leave but I really should be going now.
  • Patrick: Catch you later?
  • Emily: Alligator.
  • Patrick leaves the place.
  • Emily: He's funny.
  • Evelyn: I'll help you with the cleaning.
  • Evelyn is now the cleaner.

Before the eventEdit

  • Emily places the letter.
  • Emily: C'mon, Emily! Whatever if says, it doesn't matter. It's ancient history.

During the eventEdit

  • "The Ferris Wheel turned, under a warn Paris night, I closed my eyes, I hugged you tight."
  • "Do you remember? How on a horse made crimson by the colors of the sunset, we made one rider?"
  • "And I felt that if I asked it sweetly enough. It would take us to our private world."
  • "Do you remember Emily, our first kiss? You wanted to see the Eiffel Tower- I only wanted to see you happy."
  • "Watching your train disappear, I was hollowed. Emily! Emily! I will wait forever! Come to Paris, my love! Hurry!

Love, Lean Paul."

After readingEdit

  • Emily: So beautiful... so... romantic. If only I had gotten this letter sixteen years ago!


  • Edward: Goodnight, Emily!
  • Evelyn: Say, Emily... did you ever get a chance to read that-
  • Edward: Come along, Evelyn.
  • Evelyn and Edward leave the place.
  • Francois enters the place
  • Emily: Francois!
  • Emily gives Francois a hug.
  • Francois: Want to go to Roscoe's tonight? Lots of single guys hang out there after work...
  • Emily: Thanks, Francois, but I've get some more reading to do.
  • Francois: Reading?
  • Emily: Err... I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Have fun.
  • Francois leaves the place, and Emily shuts the door.
  • Emily gets back upstairs, and here's the night.
  • Emily's dreaming about Jean Paul.
  • Emily: Sigh...

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