This is the third episode of Emily's True Love. After Emily decided to go to Train Station, she goes into the train instead of a plane.

Chapter 1: The Mix UpEdit

  • Target: 1,000; Expert: 1,250
  • Emily enters the train. The ride starts.
  • Emily: So exciting! Paris by train!
  • Emily: My, what a lovely dining car you have here!
  • Fresco: I knew it! The health inspector! Please, don't close me down!
  • Fresco: Please! Come back another time! I have five children to feed! FIVE!
  • Emily: Er... I'm not an inspector, I just wanted a snack.
  • Fresco: Oh, in that case we're closed.
  • Fresco: My entire staff quit. They said working with me was like being on an 'emotional rollercoaster.'
  • Fresco: Because of that, chores have just been pilling up.
  • Emily: I can help you clean up the restaurant to impress that health inspector.
  • Emily: I'm pretty good of this. Let me see what I can do.
  • Fresco: Great, then I can finally take a day off to order more ingredients!
  • Fresco leaves the diner.

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to clean up the restaurant.


  • Fresco enters the diner.
  • Fresco: Wow, you really are good at this!
  • Emily: Always happy to help a fellow restaurateur.
  • Fresco: Muchas gracias! My name is Fresco.
  • Emily: Nice to meet you Fresco, I'm Emily.
  • Fresco: Emily, I wish I has six more just like you! That health inspector, he's gonna be here soon, I know it.
  • Emily: Well, I'm here until Paris and I'll be glad to lend a hand until then.
  • Emily: I'm going to find my sleeping car. Goodnight!
  • Emily goes to the sleeping car.
  • At night, there was a critic in the car.
  • Emily: YOU!
  • Philippe: I see you've come for that kiss after all.
  • Emily: What are you doing here?
  • Philippe: I should ask you the same thing.
  • Emily: But... I booked this car! Here, my ticket's in my suitcase. I show you.
  • Emily gets a ticket.
  • Emily: Uhm... this isn't my suitcase...
  • Philippe: I'm sure the conductor can sort things out for us in the morning. Goodnight!
  • Philippe, the food critic, goes to sleep.
  • Emily: Great. I guess I'll just sleep on that trunk, then.

Day 2Edit

  • Target: 1,300; Expert: 1,650
  • Emily reads: Do you remember? How on a horse made crimson by the colors of the sunset, we made one rider?
  • Emily dreams about a horse with Jean Paul.
  • Philippe enters the diner.
  • Philippe: Good morning. Sleep well?
  • Emily: The trunk is lumpy and you snore.
  • Philippe: The bed is quite comfortable... if you join me I assure you there'd be less snoring... or sleeping.
  • Emily: I'd rather sleep in the luggage compartment.
  • Philippe: Perhaps that can be arranged...
  • Philippe: ... the conductor is looking for you, something about 'validating your ticket'.
  • Fresco enters the diner.
  • Philippe: Also, your friend Carlos called. Your suitcase got mixed up with that of someone else. Yours will be waiting for you in Paris.
  • Philippe: Hmm... not bad. A little bitter perhaps.
  • Fresco is now the cleaner.


  • Fresco leaves the diner.
  • The conductor is looking at Emily.
  • Conductor: There you are. You must be Emily. I'm afraid I need to see your ticket.
  • Emily: I left it behind in my suitcase. It'll be waiting for me in Paris! I can show it to you then.
  • Conductor: Then I'm sorry, but you must buy a ticket or exit the train first thing in the morning.
  • Emily: Great. I can't afford another ticket. Guess I'm off the train tomorrow.
  • Emily goes to a car.
  • Philippe: Hello. I fear we 'got off on the wrong foot'. I thought we'd start now.
  • Emily: That's er... very sweet of you Philippe, but I'm exhausted. I better get some sleep.
  • Philippe: Perhaps a 'goodnight kiss', then?
  • Emily: In your dreams.
  • Philippe hops on the bed.
  • Philippe: See you in my dreams, then.
  • Emily goes to sleep on the luggage. Good night, Emily and Philippe!

Chapter 2: 'Just' DinnerEdit

Day 3Edit

  • Target: 1,500; Expert: 1,800
  • Emily reads: And I felt that if I asked it sweetly enough, it would take us to our private world.
  • Emily dreams about a picnic in Jean Paul.
  • Emily: Hi, I can't buy a new ticket, so I guess I'll deport now.
  • Conductor: No need! Your ticket has been taken care of.
  • Emily was so scared. The Conductor leaves the diner.
  • Fresco enters the place, giving Emily a hug.
  • Emily: Thank you SO much, Fresco!
  • Fresco: Er... You're welcome!
  • Philippe: Did you know you're an amazing kisser?
  • Emily: What are you talking about?!
  • Philippe: Oh, the dream I had last night!
  • Philippe: You know, you don't have to go chasing old boyfriends around to find love, Emily.
  • Philippe: Sometimes it's right in front of you.
  • Emily: You read my letter?
  • Philippe: If you didn't want me to read it you shouldn't leave it out in the open.
  • Emily: It was in my jacket pocket!
  • Philippe: Which was out in the open. Au revoir, Emily.
  • Philippe leaves the diner.

Before the eventEdit

  • There was a rolling table rolled out of the diner.
  • Fresco: Oooh! I swear that cart has a mind of its own!
  • Emily: I'll keep an eye on it, don't worry.
  • Fresco: Be careful! It's devious, I tell you! Devious!

During the chaseEdit

  • Emily has to keep an eye on the cart.

After the chaseEdit

  • The cart stopped rolling.
  • Fresco: Good work! But it's only a matter of time before it breaks free again...
  • Fresco: I'll be ready next time, you hear me? I'll be ready!


  • Fresco opens the oven, and saw a box.
  • Fresco: Yuk, even cardboard would taste better.
  • Emily: Fresco, let me cook dinner for you tonight.
  • Fresco: For me? But you've already done so much!
  • Emily: Not at all! I owe you! Sit down and relax, I'll take care of everything.
  • Emily and Fresco are eating dinner. There was Philippe entered the diner.
  • Philippe thought to himself: After all I've done- giving her a place to sleep, everything! We'll see about this...
  • Philippe leaves the diner, giving Emily a place.

Day 4Edit

  • Target: 1,730; Expert: 1,980
  • Emily wakes up.
  • Emily: You're up early.
  • Philippe: I'm afraid I didn't sleep every well last night; food poisoning, you see.
  • Emily: Not from Fresco's kitchen?
  • Emily surprises and was scared.
  • Philippe: Where else? I'm writing up my report now... your boyfriend better finds a new line of work.
  • Emily: Fresco is not my boyfriend. He's a nice guy who did me a big favor without asking anything in return.
  • Philippe: Oh, HE did you a favor, did he?
  • Emily: Hey, it's not my fault the train double-booked us!
  • Philippe: Dinner with me, tonight! Or I send in my review!
  • Emily: Never!
  • Emily leaves the car, going to the diner.


  • Emily: Sigh... it's just one dinner. I'll do it for Fresco.
  • Emily leaves the diner and enters the car.
  • Philippe: I knew you'd come to your senses!
  • Emily: If I were sensible I wouldn't be here.
  • Philippe: Come, Emily. We have drinks, music, the romance of the train, what else do we need?
  • Emily: What I need, Philippe, is to have a real connection with someone before I enjoy their company.
  • Emily: I need to know that I'm not just another conquest, that a man cares about me as a person.
  • Emily: You may have read Jean Paul's letter, but you sure didn't learn anything from it.
  • Emily: You do what you want with your review. I'm going to sleep in the dining car.
  • Emily leaves the car.

Chapter 3: Smooth SailingEdit

Day 5Edit

  • Target: 1,950; Expert: 2,300
  • Emily: Fresco, I think I know who the food inspector is...
  • Emily:'s Philippe! The guy I was forced to share a sleeping car with!
  • Fresco: Good! He loves it here.
  • Emily: It doesn't matter. he's going to give you a bad report, and it's all because of me!
  • "Well, if it isn't Philippe Dubois, food critic extraordinaire. Reviewing dining cars now, are we?"
  • "Perhaps you can save me the trouble of an inspection by telling me what you think of this place?"
  • Philippe: Hmm...
  • Philippe: It's... it's... it's wonderful!
  • Philippe: They use local ingredients, it's very clean... and they have the most beautiful servers in Europe.
  • "Right, this is still a health inspection! I'm going to start by tasting some of your food."
  • "I'll start with the shrimp salad."
  • Emily: Don't worry, Fresco! The place looks great!

During the dayEdit

  • Emily has to give the Food inspected.

After servingEdit

  • "I suppose the food seems okay. I'll just have a look around."
  • Fresco: That's it! I'm going to jump off the train!
  • Emily: I suppose it went fine, Fresco. Relax!


  • Emily: So you're a food critic?
  • Philippe: It was a natural fit... I have very discerning tastes.
  • "Oooooh..."
  • Fresco: Er... you must be motion sick.
  • "I know food poisoning when I have it!"
  • "Something here made me sick. Unless you can find the source I'm shutting you down!"

Day 6Edit

  • Target: 1,950; Expert: 2,200
  • Emily and Philippe are looking for something.
  • Emily: Who would think you can fit this much stuff into such a tiny space?
  • Philippe: The basil and oregano don't mind. In fact they seem to have fallen for each other.
  • Emily: Philippe! I told you, there's someone else...
  • Philippe: Ah, yes. Jean Paul, hes probably bald and has three chins by now!
  • Emily: Besides, we have to find what made the health inspector sick before Fresco is shut down.
  • Philippe: Can I help it if you're distracting? It's like trying to wax the floor underneath the Mona Lisa.
  • Philippe leaves the diner. There's a train conductor.
  • He is now the entertainer.


  • Emily and Philippe enter the car.
  • Philippe: Pardon me, but I am exhausted, you will have to seduce me in the morning.
  • Philippe goes to luggage bed to sleep.
  • Emily: Why are you...
  • Philippe: That bed is too soft for my back.
  • Emily sits on the bed and reads a letter.
  • "The Ferris Wheel turned, under a warm Paris night. I closed my eyes, I hugged you tight."
  • Emily dreams about the Ferris Wheel with Jean Paul, again.

Chapter 4: Fresh StartEdit

Day 7Edit

  • Target: 2,000; Expert: 2,400
  • Emily: I just don’t understand, we’ve looked at everything.
  • Fresco: I’m ruined!
  • Emily: What about your farmers and other suppliers? Are there any you don’t trust?
  • Fresco: No. They are all local farmers; good people who only sell food that is fresh!
  • Emily: Don’t worry, Fresco, we’ll figure it out, I promise.

Before the eventEdit

  • Chuck: We got a big food delivery for Fresco at the last stop.
  • Chuck: I'll start bringing them in, can you take the boxes?
  • Emily: Will do.

During the deliveryEdit

  • Emily has to receive and store 5 boxes.

After the deliveryEdit

  • Chuck has the last box.
  • Chuck: This one's flash frozen. Still, better put it away soon.
  • Emily: Thanks for the heads up. I'll put it away as soon as I'm done with my shift.
  • Emily receives a box and puts it aside.


  • Philippe and a man bumps into each other. They're angry.
  • "Watch it, shrimp!"
  • Emily: I've got it!
  • Emily: It's got to be the shrimp! They're the only things Fresco can't get locally!
  • Emily opens a box.
  • Emily: Ha! Look! Not all of them are spoiled, but see these here? Definitely past their prime.
  • Emily: We found it!
  • Fresco: Hurrah! I'm saved!

Day 8Edit

  • Target: 2,000; Expert: 2,250
  • Emily reads a letter and dreams about Jean Paul's first kiss to Emily.
  • Philippe: Why are you so obsessed with that letter, Emily?
  • Emily: Jean Paul was the love of my life when I was sixteen.
  • Emily: When I had left Paris I poured out my hear to him in a letter...
  • Emily: ...his response was stuck in the mail for sixteen years! Can you imagine?
  • Emily: It's just the movies! It has to be fate!
  • Philippe: Let me tell you another story... Two passengers, forced to share a sleeping car.
  • Philippe: Both have a passion for fine food, both are looking for love... there is a spark...
  • Philippe: That, to me, is fate.
  • Philippe leaves the diner.


  • Philippe enters the diner and makes himself a dinner, while Fresco is cleaning the tables.
  • Philippe: Emily, Fresco. Come, sit.
  • Emily, and Fresco sit on the table where Philippe is and eat.
  • Emily: Philippe! This is so amazing! Where did you get all this?
  • Philippe: I made it myself.
  • Philippe: It tastes better when you use the ingredients you already have.

Chapter 5: End of the LineEdit

Day 9Edit

  • Target: 2,000; Expert: 2,400

Before the eventEdit

  • Philippe enters the diner.
  • Philippe: So Emily, care for a drink after work?
  • Emily: Philippe, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.
  • Emily: You are very sweet, and I won't deny there's a certain... attraction.
  • Philippe: Don't waste time chasing ghosts from your past around Paris. Stay with me!
  • Emily: Philippe. Sixteen yeas ago I gave my heart to someone...
  • Emily: This is how I came to be on this train. My destiny is to find Jean Paul. I'm sorry.
  • Philippe: You are a silly, American girl, filled with insipid tales of Hollywood romance!
  • Philippe tears off and threw around the restaurant, and leaves anyway.

During the huntEdit

  • Emily has to find 8 pieces scattered around the diner.

After the huntEdit

  • The letter and paper fixed up.
  • Emily reads: What makes Fresco's Dining special is the connection you farm with the people who work there.
  • "I have traveled the world, and never have I met anyone with such sweetness and spirit."


  • Emily leaves the diner and enters the car.
  • Emily: Philippe... I just came to say, 'goodbye'. I'll leave you alone now...
  • Emily: Here's the review you wrote... in case you still want it.
  • Emily: Goodbye, Philippe.
  • Philippe: Emily, wait!
    • He gets up.
  • Philippe: If you feel it is your destiny is to go to Paris, then I am happy for you.
  • Emily: Philippe... It was you who bought me the ticket so I could stay on the train, wasn't it?
  • Philippe: If we are still friends, then it was well worth it.
  • Emily and Philippe gave a hug.

Day 10Edit

  • Target: 1,950; Expert: 2,250
  • Fresco: I- I'm sorry I'm so emotional!
  • Emily: There, there... don't be upset! I promise to keep in touch.
  • Emily and Fresco gave a hug.
  • Emily: What will I do without you?
  • Emily: Just keep things clean and do a little maintenance each day and you'll be fine.


  • The train made a final stop to Paris, France.
  • Train has arrived to Paris International train station.
  • Conductor: Paris! Please disembark if your final destination is Paris!
  • Fresco: I can't handle farewells!
  • Fresco and the Train Conductor leave the diner.
  • Philippe delivers a suitcase to Emily.
  • Emily: My suitcase!
  • Philippe: Yes, it came to the Paris station with a note from your friend Carlos...
  • Philippe: He says your mother left you several messages while you were on the train...
  • Philippe: ... they're in the suitcase.
  • Emily opens a suitcase. There was a lot of notes splashed.
  • Emily: Er... I'll just read those later.
  • Philippe: One more thing... I recalled a restaurant I reviewed who has a 'Jean Paul' there matching your description.
  • Philippe: Here's the address.
  • Emily receives the address.
  • Philippe: Good luck, Emily. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  • Emily: You too, Philippe. You, too.
  • Emily and Philippe gave a final hug, before leaving the train.
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