The ending credits before Music from the Monkey King is used in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal.

  • Heart's Medicine: TIme to Heal
  • Created by ***Blue Giraffe***
  • A GameHouse Original Story
  • Creative Director: Sebastiaan van Waardenberg
  • Art Director: Ruud Havenith
  • Character Artists: Raymon Manders, Ankitha Kini, Daan Boon
  • Graphical Artist: Ruud Havenith
  • Graphical Interns: Maartje van der Heijden, Ronny van Kuijk
  • Programming: Luc Bloom, Roel Verbroekken, Hugo Smits, Bart van den Berg
  • Story by: Sebastiaan van Waardenberg
  • Story Implementation: Raymon Manders, Bart van den Berg
  • Lead Game Designer: Sebastiaan van Waardenberg
  • Game Design & Level Design: Kees van der Sluis, Zoe Seekles
  • Audio Development: Adam Gubman
  • Singer/Songwriters: Miranda Kalagian, Jake Berry
  • Post Production Manager: Jan Castelijns
  • Post Production QA: Jan Castelijns, Inma Navarrete Cerdan, Tomas Aleman Baeza, Demos Celdran Arnedo
  • Localization: Andre de Klejin, Marc Heinen
  • Game QA: Jedidjah Noomen, Jan-Arnout Mager, Elaine Verhaaf, Suzan Gieles, Bogna Zajdel, Martin de Haan, Alicante P&T Team
  • Marketing Team: Marion de Graaf - van Elderen, Iris Burgers, Barbara Langendoen, Marlies van den Langenberg, Lisanne Koeteeuw, Meike Hoeks, Ricardo Canamero Guijo
  • Production Babies: Yfke, Quentin
  • Customer Support Team
  • Testers: Alicia, Jennifer Bradley, Barbara Avataneo, Jzjacob, Sarah Carter, Kristin Gaffney, Julie, Elizabeth Huyen Nguyen, Fangkaow Praneetpoikring, Connie Chiu, Amy sprain, Jackie, Valerie Goodman, Darlene Lucas, Alexandra van Lierop, Liana, Tyanyee Lo, Reema Elwardany, Phanquyen, Tracy Beaudry, Heather Mulvihill, Trudy Miles, Daniel Sadowski, Kerry Clark, Andrzej, Sue Park, Tram Nguyen, Shannen, Sharon, Sarah, HsMu Nguyen
  • Original Tracks:
    • Goodbye, I'll miss you! - Lyrics and Music by Jake Berry, Adam Gubman & Miranda Kalagian, Produced by Adam Gubman
    • Who I Am - Lyrics and Music by Jake Berry, Adam Gubman & Miranda Kalagian, Produced by Adam Gubman
    • Nothing's Good Forever - Lyrics and Music by Jake Berry, Adam Gubman & Miranda Kalagian, Produced by Adam Gubman
    • It gets better... (Ending song) - Lyrics and Music by Jake Berry, Adam Gubman, Produced by Adam Gubman
  • Original Score: Adan Gubman
  • Sound Design: Alex Cox
  • Special thanks to all the Heart's Medicine fans, you've made this game possible! Thanks for sharing your opinions, love, concerns, friendship and stories. They are what inspire us and keep us going!
  • This game is dedicated to our loved ones: wives, girlfriends. husbands, boyfriends, and children. Thank you for being there for us through missed dinners and weekends. You are all amazing!
  • Copyright 2016 GameHouse
  • Thanks for playing Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal!

Full CreditsEdit

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